Share Codes
are a unique feature of EzyMarketer that enables Team Leaders of Network Marketing or Affiliate Marketing Businesses to create Websites, Sales Funnels, Landing Pages & Blogs with Opt-in Forms and built-in AutoResponders (Automatic Emails) and then share the code with their Team. 

Their Team then simply Import the Share Codes into their own EzyMarketer Account. EzyMarketer then automatically sets everything up for the Team Member, saving them from having to create their own Websites, Landing Pages & Blogs.

Network Marketing is all about Duplication. By sharing your Share Codes with your Team, you are providing a great service to your Team as then everyone will have the same content and will all be presenting your opportunity in a professional manner.

This is an awesome way to enable your Team to work smarter and not harder.

Two Variables

When you Import a Share Code, the Website, Sales Funnel, Landing Page or Blog is either going to have an Opt-In Form on it or not. You will find 2 videos below that teach you Step-by-Step how to Import a Share Code for both variables.

They are both very EZY to do, simply follow along with the videos. If you need help, log a Support Ticket from the top right of your EzyMarketer Dashboard. Be as detailed as possible and include screenshots so we can help you as quickly as possible. We doubt that you will need help as the videos will show you exactly what to do. And NO, there is NO Rocket Science involved :-)


The above video is a recording of a Training Webinar where our Founder and CEO, Mr Rob Wilson taught one of our clients how to not only Import a Website Share Code but how to Personalize their Website with their Photo, Contact Details and Affiliate Links. 

Rob shares a lot of ideas in this video so we suggest you invest the time to watch it all as it will more than likely trigger some ideas on how you and your Team can further utilize EzyMarketer.


When you Import a Share Code of a Website, Landing Page or Blog that has an Opt-In Form, you need to create a New Contact List or use an Existing Contact List that you have previously created to store the details of the people who Opt into your List. It is very quick and easy to do as you will see in the above video.


AutoResponders are an Email or a series of Emails that are scheduled to be sent to the person who opted into your List at a predetermined time.

The above video will teach you Step-by-Step how to edit an AutoResponder and also how to add extra AutoResponders should you wish to add to your Email Sequence.

product image

Example Of An AutoResponder Series

1. Welcome Email

An Email is sent automagically to the person who opted into your list the moment they opted in.

2. Day 2 Email
A 2nd Email is sent automagically to follow up with the person who opted into your list 24 Hours after they opted in.

3. Day 4 Email

A 3nd Email is sent automagically to follow up again with the person who opted into your list 4 Days after they opted in.

4. Day 6 Email

A 4th and final Email is sent automagically to follow up yet again with the person who opted into your list 6 Days after they opted in.

With EzyMarketer you can create UNLIMITED Autoresponders for UNLIMITED Contact Lists for every Domain that you host with us.

Food For Thought...

What if you created an AutoResponder Series to drip feed Training Material to your Team?

You could create a New Member Opt-In on your Team Website and then a Welcome To The Team email automagically gets sent to them. Then, every day for the next 30 days (30 AutoResponders) an email is sent to them containing some Training on your Products and or Services. You could include a link in each email to a different Video Landing Page that has a Training Video on it.

It is soooo EZY to create 30 Emails (AutoResponders) and 30 Landing Pages with EzyMarketer!

Final Note...

Your Team Website and Video Landing Pages are all hosted on YOUR Domain so you are branding YOU and/or your TEAM. AND, all emails come from YOUR Email Address, again, branding YOU!


What If...

What if we created an Online Form where your Team entered their Name, Contact Details and uploaded their Photo and all of your Websites, Landing Pages, Blogs and AutoResponders were all set up in each of your Team Members EzyMarketer Account. AND.... ALL automagically Personalized with their Name, Contact Details and Photo?

YES, even the AutoResponders will have their Name, Contact Details AND Photo embedded as a Personalized Email Signature. Pretty cool, eh?

IF you can assure us that you have a reasonable sized Team that would join EzyMarketer, we will work with you and help you with your Websites, Landing Pages, Blogs and AutoResponders AND we will program the Automation of the Personalization so your Team Members do not have to edit their Websites, Landing Pages, Blogs or AutoResponders.

Again, EzyMarketer can help you work Smarter and not Harder!

Let us take care of the Technology so you can focus on what you do best, that is, taking care of your TEAM!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and see exponential growth for your TEAM?

If so, submit a Support Ticket via your EzyMarketer Dashboard requesting a Brainstorming Session with our Founder and CEO, Mr Rob Wilson.

We look forward to buiding a mutually rewarding long term relationship with you and your TEAM.

Submit a Support Ticket and let's make it happen!